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Typical ROI of less than a year all while being more sustainable!

Industries rely on water for many different purposes, but its unique properties mean that it is particularly efficient at transferring heat, so water is vital to both cooling and heating applications. When the state of water is changed, for instance when the water is heated, it is less able to hold on to the minerals dissolved in it and they precipitate out to form a hard mass on the surfaces of pipes and equipment, most commonly calcium carbonate or limescale, but also phosphate or sulphate scales. This blocks and damages equipment, requiring its premature disposal. The layer of scale also forms a thermal barrier, meaning that heat transfer is greatly reduced and leading to major inefficiencies - just 2mm of scale can lead to an efficiency loss of 20%. HydroFLOW units induce an electric field into the water and the pipe network to prevent the buildup of hard mineral scale without adding chemicals to the water, keeping equipment running at maximum efficiency and for longer.

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